Planning And Development

WebbPaton are specialist residential development land consultants. We act for landowners advising them of how to obtain planning and add value to their land on anything from a single plot  to  a 12,000 dwellings town expansion.  WebbPaton are here to help their rural property and farmer clients.  We have 29 years experience of working for landowners in Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire,  Oxfordshire, North Somerset, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Swindon we have built up a reputation of being one of the leading specialists in residential development land promotion.

If you have:

  1. an infill plot land on the edge of a village.
  2. a field on the edge of a village, or town.
  3. land close to housing or on major road.
  4. traditional farm buildings.
  5. portal framed farm buildings.
  6. a brownfield site.

We can help turn your farmland into residential development land.  From looking at you site we will guide you through the stepping stones of how to obtain planning permission.  Starting with promoting your site through the Local Plan or Neighbourhood Plan process or where there is a lack of 5 year land supply under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) going immediately to planning or finding a Promoter or Developer.  Not only do we put your site forward through the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA), we will speak with local planning officers and where necessary produce Vision Documents to paint the vision of the development.


Obtaining planning permission for residential development is not a cheap hobby.  Farmers have the option of paying for obtaining planning permission themselves or entering into Pomotional Agreements with Promoters or Option Agreements with either local on national builders.  WebbPaton negotiate on behalf of the Landowners the Promotional Agreement and Option Agreement Heads of Terms, with a view of obtaining the best commercial deal for our farming client.  But before we do this we need to persuade those with money that your land is highly suited for development

We typically achieve:

  1. Promotional / Option Fees for the landowner.
  2.  Minimum Land Price protection for the landowner.
  3. Open Market Sales of land to maximise the price in Promotional Agreements with your agent selling the land for transparency when outline planning is granted.
  4. A cap so there is a maximum the Promoter can spend of Planning.
  5. High percentage of the land value maintained by the Landowner.
  6. Clauses taking into account the latest tax advice.
  7. The landowners legal and agents fees are paid by the Promoter and Option Holder.

We attend meetings acting for the Landowner whilst the planning application is going though planning with an eye of making sure the Promoter or Option Holder maximises your lands value.  The important part of this is the Section 106 negotiations where we can save substantial sums of money adding value to your land when it is sold.  We also observe the infrastructure costs and whether the planners are pushing for things which are uncommercial.

Barn Conversions

The planning system currently is encouraging development on the edge of towns and sustainable villages.  A sustainable village under the NPPF (National Planning Framework Policy) is one with a shop, pub or school.  If you think you may have suitable land please ring George Paton who will be happy to have a look and advise you of your options.   We have contacts with many Council’s forward planning officers and know all the planning trigger points you need to meet in order to promote your land through the Local Plan via the SHELAA, Housing Market Assessments, NPPF, local 5 year land supply and Neighbourhood Plan.  We all work with Parish and District Councils from the start.  Many landowners want development to not only generate money but also to leave a legacy in their village.

Our detailed knowledge of this area of the country has involved us in planning negotiations and has given us specialist expertise to progress agreements with national house builders and development land promoters who are willing to promote land in the area through the planning system.  We have all the major PLC builder and land promoters coming to our office looking for opportunities.  We have negotiated deals for clients with Linden Homes, Redrow, Persimmon, Taylor Wimpey, Welbeck Land, Custom Land, Bower Mapson, Gladman, Ainscough, Barberry Land, David Wilson Barrett, Gallagher, Catseby, McTaggart and Mickel, Hallam, Primegate, Bovis, Bellway, and Wain Homes.

Shrivenham 515

We know over 200 Promoters and Developers who regularly come into our office looking for sites.  We are very proud that we place sites with the most suitable developer chosen by the Landowner.

WebbPaton can negotiate the deal with your developer of choice either for a Promotional Agreement or a Development Land Option.  We know the best development land solicitors and tax accountants. You need the best advice when selling development land; you can only sell it once and you need to protect yourself.  WebbPaton also sell development land with planning permission.

Recent successes for our clients include:

Mrs J Rumming


Farmyards, farm buildings (even portal frames) and traditional barns can obtain planning permission through the Permitted Development Rights under Class Q.  Becky Meredith is happy to discuss how up to 750 square metres can be converted to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 dwellings.  If you need planning advice for a farm workers dwelling, diversification or a farm building we can help you with your planning applications.

For more details contact George Paton at WebbPaton on 01793 842055.